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Tiffany's Teacups-Registered Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese & Designer breeds.
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Puppies can be picked up or shipped to your closest airport. If you pick him/her up you can pay with cash. If you can't pick him/her up & would like us to ship him/her to your closest airport, you can pay with paypal or credit card.

Note: Every payment/deposit includes Paypal fees. Paypal fees are 4% in addition to the puppy's price.
Tiffany's Teacup Boutique
more coming soon!
As we are just starting the boutique please allow 2 weeks for all orders to arrive. Thank you for your business!
Yorkie Bed Set Queen Size
Yorkie Characteristics Mug 11oz
Yorkie Pillow 14x14
Yorkie (MOM) Mug
Floral Yorkie Bed Set
Floral Yorkie Bed Set
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