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Maltese/Yorkies also know as Morkies are hybrids, sometimes called designer dogs. They are a cross between Malteses and Yorkies. The aim is to produce a healthy dog that won't carry genetic diseases.


Maltipoos are 14 inches tall and can weigh from 3-7 lbs, depending if it is a tcup or a toy. The coat is soft, silky and can be straight or wavy. Colors are black, tan, golden, cream, some with white areas and solid white. Morkies with straight hair should be brushed daily. They are low or non-shedding and have little dander.


While these little dogs are not watchdog material, they make excellent family pets. They are good with children as well as other dogs, cats and other pets. As with all dogs, regardless of size, early training with a gentle hand and socialization are required. House training may take some time. They are active dogs, high jumpers and fast runners, but don't require much exercise. However, all dogs enjoy a daily walk. They live indoors anywhere their humans are.

What is the Morkie used for?

Morkies make excellent therapy dogs. They are affectionate and very loving. Morkies are wonderful family companion dogs.


The Morkies grooming needs will vary depending on his coat, but all Morkies need regular, even daily, brushing. It’s essential to take proper care of the coat, because without regular grooming it will quickly become a matted mess that can cause painful skin infections at the roots of the hair.

Your Morkie's ears need to be kept clean and dry, so clean them regularly with an ear cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian. The rest is basic care. Trim your Morkie's nails as needed, usually every week or two. Small dogs are prone to periodontal disease, so brush his teeth frequently with a vet-approved pet toothpaste for good overall health and fresh breath.

Puppies can be picked up or shipped to your closest airport. If you pick him/her up you can pay with cash. If you can't pick him/her up & would like us to ship him/her to your closest airport, you can pay with paypal or credit card.

Note: Every payment/deposit includes Paypal fees. Paypal fees are 4% in addition to the puppy's price.