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Tiffany's Teacups-Registered Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese & Designer breeds.
  Everyone that has bought a puppy from us please send us pictures as the pup gets older so that we are knowledgeable of each puppy's new home, So I can maintain good puppy size and health goals, also so I can learn more about how our pups turn out to be as they grow to be adults.
You can also send us a picture of you & your new puppy so we can update it to our website.
You can email or text us your pictures!
Phone: 505-340-1669

                                                                           Thanks to Everyone
                                                                         We hope you enjoy your new baby.
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Puppies can be picked up or shipped to your closest airport. If you pick him/her up you can pay with cash. If you can't pick him/her up & would like us to ship him/her to your closest airport, you can pay with paypal or credit card.

Note: Every payment/deposit includes Paypal fees. Paypal fees are 4% in addition to the puppy's price.